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Acre Contractors (London) Ltd was established in 1993 as specialist Mechanical and Electrical services installations sub-contractors. Since then, the company has expanded and now carry out complete building projects. Most of our projects are based in London with some projects as far as 50miles away from London.

We have gained and accumulated wealth of experience in our overall approach to each project. Each project is directly controlled by one of our key experienced contract managers and with back-up of a dedicated team. In addition, we retain our own craftsman and labour who carry out most of the traditional building trades; these arrangements are instrumental in coping with fast-track projects and control quality of workmanship and finally completion of the projects in time.


Ready to bring bigger, better, faster and stronger projects than ever before!!


Unrivalled workmanship, Professional and Qualified


Quality control system, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Highly Professional Staff, Accurate Testing Process

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